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Scala Periskop Prototypen 2 x 280 Grad 110 - 270 Zimmer 21 Boot Kal. 50  

Christian Engelmann’s seemingly off -hand statement gets right to the core of his work. It is determined by irony, shifting contexts, collapsing functions, and disturbing narrative.
Confidently, Engelmann juggles generic concepts such as sculpture, drawing, or video projection, he knows no limits. Why should he? Engelmann is a storyteller: at least, he works with narrative
fragments, and he believes that any means can be employed to maintain their aesthetic aspect. Everything is possible, his own history blends with that of art to form a provocative, outward-looking whole.

Engelmann likes to talk, and he talks a lot, over and over, about Christian Engelmann, the person.He works on a special piece: himself. Autobiographical information is transformed into sociological archetypes. His communicative methods become models or communication in general, they are far from all that is didactic or moralizing, yet close to all that is open-minded and
mischievous, and they are always coupled with surprises in form and unruliness in function.

Christian Engelmann is an artist who works with strategies that overwhelm, who wants to draw viewers into his works without pointing them in a particular direction. Seriousness and irony form a synthesis, the violence of a massively realized form collides with the beauty of the images, “loud” conceptual attitudes are contrasted with quiet, poetic metaphors. This creates a construct,
which, like a mirror, reflects the mood of the present day and leads to creativity

Claudia Weber