Wurfbude Ohne Titel DNA Europan Leuchtturm EU Kreuz Oppurtunisten Freiheit  
Quadripode Zentrifuge Ohne Titel Crashtest Blauer Engel Leierkasten Jetzt gehts los Max. 1 Minute  
Scala Periskop Prototypen 2 x 280 Grad 110 - 270 Zimmer 21 Boot Kal. 50  

ZIMMER 21 (2003)

Slides, 3 slide projectors, hotel room
Three guests, who occupied room 21 at the Hotel Mariandl in Munich at different times, were
photographed in different places in the room. For an exhibition titled ”Zimmer frei” (Vacancy), the
guests appeared once again – this time in the form of slide images. The images were projected
onto the same places they were taken