Wurfbude Ohne Titel DNA Europan Leuchtturm EU Kreuz Oppurtunisten Freiheit  
Quadripode Zentrifuge Ohne Titel Crashtest Blauer Engel Leierkasten Jetzt gehts los Max. 1 Minute  
Scala Periskop Prototypen 2 x 280 Grad 110 - 270 Zimmer 21 Boot Kal. 50  

110 - 270 (2004)

Theater seats, cogs, chains, electric motor, transformer, control unit , 4 m x 2 m x 0.9 m
The theater seats slowly move downward at diff erent times.
The moment they reach the proper sitting position, the seats quickly snap up, and after a short pause, they slowly start moving down again.
This work was made for the exhibition, "Engelmann & Del los Rios in space". in
cooperation with ”Wandergalerie Stephanie Bender”, Munich.