Wurfbude Ohne Titel DNA Europan Leuchtturm EU Kreuz Oppurtunisten Freiheit  
Quadripode Zentrifuge Ohne Titel Crashtest Blauer Engel Leierkasten Jetzt gehts los Max. 1 Minute  
Scala Periskop Prototypen 2 x 280 Grad 110 - 270 Zimmer 21 Boot Kal. 50  


balloons, darts, fibreboard, ca. 280 x 207 cm
Based on the idea that nations are socially constructed and imagined communities, Christian Engelmann invites the visitors to participate symbolically in the game of building, changing and destructing mental images - the ideas that form the notion of a nation.
And: if you don't participate in the game and nourish the ideas constantly, te nations will loose more and more oxygen like the balloons loose air.