Wurfbude Ohne Titel DNA Europan Leuchtturm EU Kreuz Oppurtunisten Freiheit  
Quadripode Zentrifuge Ohne Titel Crashtest Blauer Engel Leierkasten Jetzt gehts los Max. 1 Minute  
Scala Periskop Prototypen 2 x 280 Grad 110 - 270 Zimmer 21 Boot Kal. 50  

EU-KREUZ (2009)

Euopean Flag, wooden cross, swing bearing, electric motor, control unit
ca. 3,6 x 2,4 m
For years Turkey strives for the admission into the European Union. At present the European Union consists of 27 countries. In all 27 member states Christians constitute the largest religious group by far. Only Cyprus has a Muslim population worth mentioning, namely 18%. Official numbers state that nearly 99% of the Turkish population is Muslim. This is where the work of Christian Engelmann comes into play: A large cross turns clockwise in front of the European flag.